Personal Finance tracking done right

Accounts. Investments. Assets. Liabilities. Expenses. Budgets.
Keep an eye on all your personal finances in just one place that automatically synchronizes your data from thousands of financial institutions.

application overview

What is fintly?

Fintly is the go-to platform to understand every aspect of your financial situation by providing an overview and analysis of all your investments and daily transactions, in any currency you can imagine - even bananas!

Track your investments in any asset class and take a deep dive into your portfolio's performance and compare it with the market average or even The Oracle of Omaha himself. In addition, you can keep an eye on all of your income streams and expenses by automatically categorising transactions for better overview.



Investments overview
  • Analyse all of your investments in just one place. Track everything from stocks to mutual funds, real estate, crowdfunding and cryptocurrencies. You name it!
  • Calculate your net worth, check portfolio asset allocation, find out return on investments for every asset class and compare them with each other and against the market average.
  • Dive deep into analysis, charts and graphs of your current and past investments. Get nerdy! 🤓

Expenses and income

Transactions overview
  • Analyse everyday transactions to understand your income and expenses in any currency.
  • Assign categories to your transactions to get better overview. You can even create rules to get them categorised automatically.
  • Plan and track all your upcoming budgets.

Seamless Sync

Supported banks example
  • All this is powered by a seamless sync to make pulling data from thousands of financial institutions a bliss
  • However, if anything is missing or you prefer not to use sync at all, you can always rely on manual data upload and manipulation. How cool is that?